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Not long after I started keeping Japanese koi several years ago, I became aware of  Konishi Koi Farm when I bought my first Karashigoi. Soon, I became a big fan of Konishi as I found out that the farm has been getting brilliant achievements at the yearly Shinkokai All Japan Koi Show on some  varieties such as Kujaku, Shusui, Kawarimono, etc.

In September 2012, I met the award-winning breeder, Mr. Joji Konishi, when he came to Bandung to judge the 1st Asia Young Koi Show.  I told him my dream of promoting both Konishi Koi and Koi Food in Indonesia.  Surprisingly, Mr. Konishi was also looking for the right partner to expand his business here. Thus, we had a mutual agreement and the rest is history.

Why Konishi?

1. A Konishi Koi is as good as it looks. Beautiful koi don’t exist by a mere coincidence. Instead, they are the result of extensive breeding and hard work.  Today, Konishi exclusively owns more than 30 bloodlines of many varieties. If you are looking for beautiful koi for shows, we will certainly find your need with Konishi Koi.

2. JUMBO, JUMBO & JUMBO!!! That’s the impression of many people towards Konishi Koi, especially after the creation of Karashigoi. To many advanced koi hobbyist, a koi that stops growing at an early age is like a taboo. It’s been one of Konishi’s philosophy to breed koi with Jumbo potential.  We are confident that many  of our koi can grow up to 80-90cm and even beyond in your own home pond.

3. You are what you eat. As the saying goes, we believe that koi food is one of the most important aspects of your koi-keeping as what your koi eat will determine what your koi will be. Konishi Koi Food are developed after years of research and they contain high-quality ingredients that your koi need to reach its maximum potential in terms of size and quality. Thus, it’s the perfect choice for advanced koi-keepers.

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