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Purdin Koi Farm Harvest Weekend – 10th and 11th November 2018

Purdin Koi Farm will hold their harvest weekend event on the 10th and 11th November 2018. Over the course of the weekend visitors will have the opportunity to witness the harvest of this years tosai, and also have the 1st opportunity to purchase these Koi.  In addition recently harvested nisai will also be on display, and for sale, for the first time. The weekend gives a great chance to see behind the scenes of the farm, as well as see ‘The River’ and the stunning Koi it contains. Scott, Bill and Maureen will be on hand all weekend to...

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Purdin’s Yamaguchi Showa Selection for 90,000 Gallon Grow Out Pond

On the 11th June I posted about the completion of mud pond selections of the Yamaguchi Showa at Purdin Koi Farm – Quite where the interim 2 weeks or so have gone I have no idea, time simply flies by, the days all seem to roll into one. Having been inside for 2 weeks, and treated with malachite and formalin, followed by potassium permanganate, to ensure they are taking nothing with them, it was time for the selection to be made for those that would go into one of the 90,000 gallon grow out ponds for the next...

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Purdin Koi Farm Yamaguchi Showa mud pond selection completed

This morning saw an early start to complete the selection and removal of the Yamaguchi Showa fry from the mud pond to bring them all inside to the breeding facility. As detailed yesterday – – 1097 had already been brought in. The video below shows a selection of the additional fry today. The pictures below show a couple that caught my eye whilst coming in today. The 2 above also appear in this first shot below. Paid banner advert - put your ad here for just £50 per month These 4 came in in the second netting of the...

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A week of selection at Purdin Koi Farm

This week, as will the next few weeks, has been dominated by fry selections with selection being done of the Yamaguchi Showa, Rikidozan Kohaku, Grace Jr. Kohaku and Ueno Showa. The week started with further selection being made of the Yamaguchi Showa fry which featured on last weeks video which you can see here –  In the video you can see the Yamaguchi Showa fry being brought inside to a holding net in one of the concrete ponds of the breeding facility.  Monday’s netting realised an additional 264 fry making a total of 1097 now residing in the relative...

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