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Koda Ginrin Showa Azukari Project

As I write this I shouldn’t actually be in Japan any longer, I should be on my way back to the UK.  Commitments here have meant a change of schedule and a few days longer on what is now ‘part 1’ of my trip, next week I will fly to the USA before returning to Japan for a further week or so at the end of November. Today was one of those truly special days in the mountains, the sun shone brightly, the sky a cloudless blue, the mountains themselves rapidly changing colour as winter starts to arrive.  If...

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Kodama Koi Garden April and May Event Schedule

Kodama Koi Garden have confirmed a series of events which will take place at their New Jersey Store. 16th April – Koi Health Check Seminar 30th April and 1st May – Koi and Pond Party & Growout Contest  7th May – Mother’s Day Sale 14th May – Pond and Filter Seminar 28th May – Memorial Day Sale Paid banner advert - put your ad here for just £50 per month The venue of all events is Saddle River, NJ 07458.   Check Kodama Koi Garden Facebook Page or website ( for more detail. Paid banner advert - put your ad here for just £50 per...

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Koda Koi Farm Number 1 Harvest

A few days ago I wrote about Koda Koi Farm nisai – There is a lot more to Koi Koi Farm than the nisai that were presented then.  Those Koi may be small, Koda however has plenty of larger Koi, and today was their number 1 harvest. The pond below is their number 1 pond, situated on the outskirts of Kawaguchi, around 10 minutes drive from the farm premises. As me rendezvoused just after 8am the area was still shrouded in mist from the Shinano River, the sun trying to burn through.  A beautiful morning. The Koi clearly visible...

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Koda Koi Farm Nisai

The hobby of keeping Nishikigoi is to many people, many different things, with a wide variance of goals, objectives and indeed pockets with which to fund them. For the vast majority of people who keep Nishikigoi 1 million yen is way beyond what they can, or would even justify spending on a fish.  The reported 42 million yen recently reportedly spent at auction is beyond the realms of all but a tiny few, to many, this person included, it’s actually ridiculous. There are many more Koi keepers who are seeking good quality, reasonably priced Koi that they can grow...

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