Every year ‘R’s Collection’, selected by Ryuki Narita, President of Narita Koi Farm, presents some of the very best Koi to have been harvested that season,  and 2020, a year that has been somewhat unusual to say the least thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic, is no exception.

‘R’s Collection 2020’ features Koi from 2 years old up to 8 years old, from 38cm up to 98cm, females and males, and a mix of Gosanke and Non Gosanke covering a huge range of varieties including some truly unique examples.  Prices range from JPY 120,000 up to an eye watering JPY 25,000,000.

Many Koi in this collection will go on to compete for and to win major prizes in Japan and all over the world.

The ‘R’s Collection’ sales event will be held at Narita Koi Farm on Sunday 13th December.  In the current environment of course the vast majority of dealers and hobbyists from overseas are unable to attend the event in person.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the Koi included within ‘R’s Collection’ we suggest that you contact your local dealer in the first instance.  Many Nishikigoi.Life advertising dealers will be able to assist you in purchasing Koi.

Below we present a gallery containing the complete ‘R’s Collection 2020’ with high resolution images.  Click on any image to enlarge it, and this will also give you next and previous arrows which can be used to scroll from Koi to Koi.  If you visit – https://koinavi.online/archives/category/rsc20201213 – you can also find YouTube video files of the collection.


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