At some time in every Koi hobbyists life they will reach a point where they have some Koi to move on from their collection.  Finding the right ‘home’ for their unwanted Koi, and at a reasonable price, hasn’t always been easy. is a new site which has been launched by famous UK Koi hobbyist Raad Hassan, multiple Grand Champion winner at the BKKS National Koi and All England Koi Shows, a multiple prize winner at the All Japan Koi Show, and former owner of a parent Koi at none other than Sakai Fish Farm in Japan.

Raad explains the thoughts behind launching the new site, ‘Ever since I got into the hobby it has always been a struggle for me and other koi keepers to resell our koi. The sale could be for variety of reasons, overstocking, need to release fund, giving up the hobby, bought something better..etc. And when we do sell them, it is for fraction of what we paid for them initially (generally speaking) even if they got better.

This in my opinion is due vastly to the lack of exposure or a medium to sell the koi. Recently, social media has banned selling koi so we are left with either telling few of our friends or eBay.

Ebay unfortunately doesn’t lend itself to selling koi. Beside the fact that it sells everything under the sun and not exclusive to koi, It needs you to pay (and charge commission) upfront without seeing or inspecting the koi. This is something that I and many others do not advocate as you could be buying from un-reputable person with all the problems associated with it.

The new website does not charge money and it is left for the buyer to contact the seller to organise a visit and get more details about the koi and its condition. Moreover, there is a map on the site that shows where the koi for sale are. So you can travel up the road or to the other side of the country if you wish in search of the koi you want. The site is international and everyone can source koi in the country they reside in or can buy from. Although dealers will be allowed to advertise, the site is targeted mainly to hobbyist. It is free for everyone. There are no fees for listing, selling or buying.

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Dealers need not be threatened by the website though, as people selling are more likely than not will be using the money to buy a new koi from a dealer.I know that is true in my case in the past!

The site was launched in the UK in August with very positive feedback. It is however an international site and therefore hobbyists in Europe, America and Asia can also use it and list koi. I hope you like and support the idea as it is for the benefit of everyone in the hobby.’

Below are some of the Koi currently listed on the site.

Showa, Isa, Nisai, 53cm, Male, £850


Ki Matsuba, 2 years old, 48cm, £250

Ki Matsuba,
2 years old,

Simon Ward recently posted on Facebook, ‘Used it tonight and sold two koi in 20mins … great idea’
Showa, Isa, 42cm, £425


Kohaku, Momotaro, 90cm, 10 year old, £700

10 year old,



Michael Snaden of Yume Koi wrote, ‘Everyone in the Koi hobby finds themselves in the situation where they have too many Koi, and when this happens, they stop buying new ones. This in turn leads to a loss of interest in Koi, because lets face it, the new fish you buy are the ones that keep your excitement burning!

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This isn’t just a UK problem, it’s an international one. The solution to this is also an international one!

This website is completely free. You can register and sell Koi completely free of charge, wherever you are in the World. You now finally have a chance to sell your unwanted Koi for what they are really worth, so you can use that money to help fund your new ones…

So whether you are in England, Holland, China, America, Indonesia or even Japan, take advantage of this website and make it global…

Once you’ve sold all those Koi, we hope that Yume Koi Japan, or your breeder/dealer of choice can help you find a nice new one to replace it..

As mentioned above, whilst the site was initially launched in the UK, it is available for use by hobbyists globally.

Scrollable and zoomable map showing location of Koi for sale

Scrollable and zoomable map showing location of Koi for sale

So, if you’re currently looking to move on some of your Koi, why not pop on over to and take advantage of the free listing service.

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Note – If you are buying Koi from any source, we can’t emphasise enough the importance of quarantine being undertaken before introducing Koi to your existing collection.


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