Evolution Aqua have just announced the launch of a new range of Koi medications.  Below is the full press release dated 6th April….

‘Award winning aquatics company Evolution Aqua have launched a brand new range of medications for Koi Carp.

This range of powerful active medications are aimed at Koi keepers who need to take care of their prized Koi Carp when bacterial, fungal or parasitic diseases arise.

Fully VMD approved, the eaMedications range includes Malachite Green, Formaldehyde, FMG Mix and Acriflavine, available in 500ml and 1litre bottles. There are also two topical treatments for Koi Carp, Wound Cleaner and Sedative, available in 100ml bottles.

eaMedications have a powerful and effective two step dosing process that makes them kinder to fish whilst giving a high active dose rate. This means the fish have time to acclimatise to the treatment from day 1 to 3, with an additional dose added on day 4, rather than being exposed to an aggressive treatment from the off.

All eaMedications undergo full quality control testing before they are bottled to ensure the formulations are consistently of the highest quality, all delivered by a brand you can trust.

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  • 6 professional medications for Koi Carp
  • Treats common bacterial, fungal infections and parasitic diseases
  • Less aggressive for fish with the two step dosing process
  • Two step dose ensures treatment is present to attack vulnerable stages of the illness lifecycles
  • Powerful active formulations and ingredients
  • Fully VMD approved and quality controlled
  • Tamper proof bottles with dosing caps

eaMedications are available now from Evolution Aqua stockists and can be ordered online or via many click and collect services currently being offered by dealers. Please contact your nearest stockist to check on their current situation.’


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