For many autumn visitors to Niigata the Niigata Nogyosai is understandably one of the main events that they wish to see.

We have just become aware that the date for the 2020 Niigata Nogyosai has changed from its usual last weekend in October slot, a date that was previously published, to the 7th and 8th November.

We first became aware of the unusual date when we received it as part of a list of event dates from Rob de Vos of Japan Koi Service (

Speaking to Steve Gibbins of KoiTours ( he had a copy of the Nagaoka Breeders Association Calendar listing it as the usual 31st October and 1st November weekend.

It transpires that the reason for the change is because for several years the Niigata Breeders Association have held their autumn auction on the Tuesday following the Nogyosai.  This year that date would have been 3rd November, which also happens to be the Japanese holiday ‘Bunka no hi’ or ‘Culture Day’, also the date of the Hiroshima Nogyosai.

Whilst it may have appeared simpler to move the auction to a different day, the decision was made to move the show.  Below are the dates for the show and the following weeks events.

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  • 7th and 8th November – Niigata Nogyosai
  • 9th November – Dainichi Koi Farm Auction
  • 10th November – Niigata Breeders Auction


Thanks to Rob and Steve for getting to the bottom of the dates.

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