Narita Koi Farm will hold their 20th Anniversary Dainichi Kai event on 22nd December in their Aichi store.

The event features a sale of 99 Dainichi Koi Farm 2 year old female Koi,  a limited auction of Dainichi Koi Farm’s choice 2 year old Koi and also a 20th Anniversary Special Sale of 10 selected Dainichi Koi.

Visitors to the event will affect the price set for the first set of 99 Koi through a voting system.  Each visitor will vote for their top 5 Koi, their first choice getting 5 points, through to 1 point for their 5th choice.  The points will then be totalled for each Koi.  The Koi with the 1st to 33rd highest number of points will then be sold at 200,000yen, 34th to 66th highest at 150,000yen and finally  67th to 99th at 100,000yen.

Thereafter the Koi will be offered for sale in number order, 1 to 99.  Anyone who wishes to purchase a particular Koi will be asked to raise their hand.  If more than one person wishes to buy a particular Koi then it will be sold to the person who placed it highest in the voting system, i.e. if one person placed it 1st, and one person 3rd, the person who placed it 1st would win.  If both placed it first then a draw of lots would be made.

Full details are provided below, along with details of the 99 Koi as well as the other Koi available in the event.


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If people wish to participate but cannot decide on a particular Koi, Futoshi Mano will be in attendance and can select on purchasers behalf.

Many Nishikigoi.Life advertising dealers will be at the event, or can assist with your purchase of Koi at the event, so please contact them for more details.

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