For Koi hobbyists, dealers and breeders, autumn is surely the most exciting season of all as new Koi are sold for the very first time.

Many Nishikigoi.Life advertisers will be in Japan at this time seeking the very best Koi they can for their customers.  Below we detail their schedules and how you can find out what they are buying.

Absolute KoiAbsolute Koi

Trip dates:  4th-14th October, 8th-15th November, 13th-20th December
Destinations: South of Japan: Momotaro, Sakai, Omosako, Matsue, Takigawa

Highlights:  We will be attending the following events this autumn:

  • 7th & 8th October  Momotaro Auction
  • 9th & 10th Oct Sakai Open Sale & Auction
  • 13th Oct Narita Shop Event
  • 12th Nov Momotaro 2nd Auction
  • 15th Dec R’s Collection 2019
  • 16th & 17th Dec Momotaro Auction
  • 18th & 19th Dec Sakai Open Sale & Auction

How to follow: Our trips can be followed via the Absolute Koi Facebook page –

Additional info: For those interested in purchasing Koi, whether general sales or placing firm bids at the auctions, please get in touch

Contact: We can be contacted via Facebook – – or WhatsApp – 07974 706 112

AKA Koi CentreAKA Koi Centre – Benjamin Goh

Trip dates: Oct 2-15th, Oct 24-Nov 15, Nov 23-Dec 2, Dec 11-Dec 23

Destinations: Narita Koi Farm, Sakai, Momotaro, Omosako, Dainichi and all Niigata breeders.

Highlights:  I will be attending most of the events if not all of them, including auctions at Dainichi, Momotaro, Sakai and the Niigata Breeders’ Auction and sales at Narita Koi Farm.

How to follow: I’ll be frequently updating on my Facebook account – – and –

Additional info: All Malaysian Koi hobbyist looking for Koi they can message me, tosai to big koi all no problem.

Contact: I can be contacted via WhatsApp – +60123773683 – or Facebook messenger –

Azukari KoiAzukari Koi

Trip dates: 8th October for 5 weeks

Destinations: Niigata only. As for breeders, the usual; Maruhiro, Yagenji, Yamamatsu, Yamazaki, Shinoda, Marudo, Sekiguchi, Marusei, Ikarashi, Aoki, Hiroi, Maruhide to name just a few.

How to follow: We are trade only so no real story to tell, but needless to say lots of pictures on the Azukari Koi Facebook – – and Instagram –  Dealers, keep an eye on your inboxes, it’s about to get busy.

Contact:  Contact Chris via the Azukari Koi website –

Beni Hanna NishikigoiBeni Hanna Nishikigoi – Matsunosuke USA

Trip dates: In Japan 16-23 Oct

Destinations: Specifically Matsunosuke Sakai Nagaoka and Isawa.

Highlights: INC main harvest event and auction.

How to follow: Follow our trip for the Facebook pages Matsunosuke USA – – and Beni Hanna Nishikigoi –

Contact: Contact Mat via the above Facebook pages with any questions of requests for Koi from Matsunosuke, Isawa Nishikigoi Centre or Yamamatsu.



DnA Koi FarmDnA Koi Farm

Trip dates: 20th October to 3rd November.  We will also return in December from 14th to 20th.

Destinations: Narita Koi Farm, Sakai Fish Farm, Beppu Fish Farm, Momotaro Koi Farm, Matsue, Kondo Koi Farm, Dainichi Toyota and Niigata (Including Sekiguchi, Torazo, Koda, Dainichi, Maruhiro, Marusei and maybe others depending on availability)

Highlights: We will attend Dainichi Auction (28th October), Niigata Breeders Auction (29th October) and Omosako Koi Farm’s event (2nd November).  In December we will attend R’s Collection 2019, and Momotaro and Sakai Auctions.

How to follow:  Follow us through our Facebook page –

Additional info: In choosing koi “open your eyes, cover your ears and follow your heart”… we are just simply sharing our koi dreams and are willing to help and guide you achieve your koi dreams become a reality…

Contact: Contact us using Facebook messenger –

Exclusively KoiExclusively Koi

Trip dates: 9th to 19th October

Desitinations: We will be in Niigata for the first part of our journey where we will visit many breeders before we make our journey south. We will spend a day at a breeder that we can’t disclose at this time, but all will be revealed on our blog and social media. We will then travel further south where we will spend the day at Taniguchi Koi farm followed by a day at Omosako Koi Farm to conclude our trip.

How to follow: People can follow our movements via the website/blog – –  and social media –

Additional info: The order book is already filling up so please contact us if you are in search of anything in particular. To ensure we do our best for you please provide us with the variety, budget, preferred breeder anything you can give us to go hunting for you!

Contact: contact us by email at

Gatwick KoiGatwick Koi

Trip dates: 14th October until 27th October

Destinations: Niigata which will include visits to Maruhiro, Kase, Shintaro , Aoki, Hirasawa, Torazo, Oofuchi, Marusaka, Yamazaki, Sekiguchi, Satoshi Tanaka, Kawakami, Kanno, Kaneko, Izumiya, Shinoda, Maruhide, Sakazume, Tanaka, Yagenji and a few others I expect.  Isawa to visit Sakuma and Hiroi. The south to visit Momotaro, Omosako, Takigawa, Oyama and a few others if there is time.

How to follow: You can follow my trip by visiting the Japan blog here – – or see the fish as they go on the website –

Additional info: We can take orders if there is anything you would like as to look out for while we are in Japan. Koi can also be over wintered if you don’t have a heated pond or still constructing one.

Contact:  Contact Gary by email –

Genki NishikigoiGenki Nishikigoi

Trip dates: Buying trip schedule from 21st October to 10th November

Destination: We’ll visiting 3 different regions; Niigata, Hiroshima and Shikoku Island. Niigata breeders; Koda, Isa, Dainichi, Yagenji, Torazo, Shinoda, Yozen, Sekiguchi, Marujyu, Izumiya, Oya, Kawaguchi, Jirosuke, etc. Hiroshima breeders; Sakai, Oyama, Tamaura, Matsue, Takigawa, Omosako, Taniguchi, Watanabe. Shikoku breeders; Beppu, Miyoshi

Highlights: Besides Koi hunting we will also attend a number of harvests.

How to follow: Everyone can follow our activity on our Facebook page – – we’ll post daily koi purchase on FB.

Additional info: We will take special Koi orders as well, message us with any questions.

Contact: Contact us via our Facebook page – – or email –

Japan Koi ServiceJapan Koi Service

Trip dates: 365 days in the year due to our Japanese staff living here.

Destination: Niigata based only for now. We visit most Niigata based breeders who are Shinkokai member.

Highlights: We can source Koi through all of the auctions and special sales and will be at the Niigata based Koi shows.

How to follow: We invite everyone to follow us through our Facebook page –

Additional into:  In opposite of what is being said by many, we are truly experienced. 25 years in Koi business, started in retail, and we are now on the wholesale part. Working with the Niigata based breeders since 2003. We are not just a face in the crowd. We know how to select Koi, what to look for, how to judge Koi and so on. You want honest and experienced guidance/treatment, make sure to contact us.

Contact: Trade customers can contact us through Facebook – – or via our website –  Please note we only supply the professional market, hobbyists should contact their dealer to contact us.

Kitsu KoiKitsu Koi

Trip dates: 5th to 13th November

Destination: Niigata

How to follow: Facebook page – – and blog –

Contact: If anyone has any requests to contact us via the Web page – – or Facebook –





Koi AquaKoi Aqua

Trip dates: I will be in Japan from 26th October until 6th November

Destinations: I will visit breeders in Niigata, Aichi, Toyota, Okayama and Hiroshima

Highlights: I will attend the 30th Dainichi Auction, Niigata Breeders Auction and Omosako sales events

How to follow: People can find the newest Koi on our Facebook page –

Additional info: We are not in Japan at the moment but we can source Koi from all events that are taking place on customers behalf. We bring the Koi you are searching for.

Contact: Please contact me about any Koi through Facebook messenger –

The Koi Collection

The Koi Collection

Trip dates: We will be in Japan from 24th November until 1st December

Destinations: Our trip will be mainly Niigata, but maybe further afield if necessary. We’ll be visiting some of our favourite breeders such as Ikarashi, Kaneko, Oofuchi, Hosokai, Shinoda, Otsuka, Yagenji, Hirasawa, Takahashi, Murata and Torazo in search of Koi.

How to follow: You can follow our trip via our Facebook page –

Additional info: Please contact us with any requests for Koi you are looking for.

Contact:  You can contact us through the Facebook page – – or the contact form on our website –



Koi Ichi BanKoi Ichi Ban

Trip dates: We will be in Japan from October 14th until November 14th and from December 2nd until December 15th.

Destinations: We will visit  the main farms in Niigata area. We will vistit especially Dainichi, Marudo, Nogami, Torazo, Hiroi, Yagenji, Koda, Wada, Sekiguchi and many others. In Yamanachi we will visit INC (Isawa Nishikigoi Centre) and Maruyama. In Saitama we will visit Minuma Koi Farm. In the south we will visit Kondo, Ippinya, Narita, Taniguchi, Matsue, Tamaura, SFF, Momotaro and Omosako.

Highlights: We will attend the Nagaoka Koi Show, the Niigata Nogyosai and the 55th All Japan ZNA Koi Show in Yamaguchi.

How to follow: People can follow us on the Koi Ichi Ban web site – – on FB on the new Koi Ichi Ban page – –  Koi Ichi Ban – Discus Ichi Ban page – – and on the Koi Ichi Ban group –

Additional info: If the customers have a special request from a favourite breeder, just contact us:

Contact: We can be contacted via e-mail – – or private message on Facebook –

Koi KichiKoi Kichi Fish Farm

Trip dates: I will be in Japan from 2nd October until 13th November but during this period I will go back to Thailand for about 1 week

Destinations: I will go to Niigata, Aichi, Okayama and Hiroshima.  Regarding which breeders I’ll be visiting, I will go anywhere that have good fish for sale.

Highlights:  I will be attending around 90% of the events which take place, including Dainichi, Sakai and Momotaro auctions, Niigata Breeders’ Auction and Narita Koi Farm store events.

How to follow: Follow via the Koi Kichi Fish Farm Facebook page – – or my Facebook page –

Additional info:  I will work harder this season and I will try to get best Koi with reasonable price than before

Contact: Contact me via the Koi Kichi Fish Farm Facebook page – – or my Facebook page – – or the Koi Kichi Fish Farm website –


Koi Water BarnKoi Water Barn

Trip dates: Tony Pitham, KWB MD, will be in Japan 6th October – 14th October

Destinations: Tony will visit Niigata to see breeders such as Isa, Kanno, Marusei, Ikarashi, Marusaka, etc. before heading south to Momotaro and Sakai and then to Narita Koi Farm.

Highlights: Tony will attend auctions at Momotaro and Sakai and the open sale event at Narita Koi Farm.

How to follow: You can follow Tony’s trip via the Koi Water Barn Facebook page –

Additional info: Koi Water Barn is offering to purchase your first auction Koi at Sakai or Momotaro commission free, the price you bid is the price your pay (plus VAT and shipping).  See – – for more info.

Contact: Contact us via the website – – or Facebook page –

Koi and Water GardensKoi Water Garden

Trip dates: mid October for 2 1/2 weeks

Destinations: We will visit over 50 breeders in Niigata during our trip looking for the best newly harvested Koi we can find.

How to follow: Our Facebook page – – will be updated daily with all purchased Koi including breeder, size & price.  Email NOW to receive daily harvest email during our trip.

Additional info: ALL KOI WILL BE ‘TRIPLE HEAT RAMPED QUARANTINED’ FOR 4 MONTHS at our QUARANTINE FACILITY (which has the highest DEFRA rating in the UK) before collection in April 2020. An initial 25% deposit is required to reserve a koi.

Contact: e-mail or call 0208 337 3337 for more details, or contact us via the Facebook page –

Mr NishikigoiMr Nishikigoi

Trip dates: Mr Nishikigoi is represented in Japan 365 per year through our team member Atsushi.

Destinations: The Niigata area of course, but we also offer Nagoshi and try and do special requests from breeders more far away via our channels. We also always try to find the smaller breeders in Niigata to be distinctive from others.

Highlights: We will attend Dainichi auctions, Odakan event, Niigata auctions and of course be present at the shows.

How to follow: Dealers and hobbyists can follow us via our Facebook page – –  although we only supply trade customers.

Additional info: For our customers we wish to have a great season again. We ship to many destinations over the world. We are highly experienced, speak Japanese, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian & Portugese. Professional, down to earth and the best service.

Contact: Trade customers can contact us via our website –– or Facebook page –

Quality Nishikigoi

Quality Nishikigoi

Trip dates: 11th October until 9th November

Destinations: Niigata and Isawa

Highlights:  We’ll be attending Shintaro main pond harvest plus sansai and nisai harvests, Matsunosuke number one pond harvest and sansai harvest, Hiroi Seiji number one pond harvest. Also visiting Nagaoka Koi Show and ZNA Show.

How to follow: Blog on website – – and Facebook page –

Contact:  Message us for any questions or Koi to look for.  Contact Tim on 07793819945 or email

Selective Koi SalesSelective Koi Sales

Trip dates: 15th – 22nd October

Destinations: We will be visiting many Niigata breeders, (to name a few) Hiroi, Isa, Yagenji, Shinoda, Shintaro, Marusaka, Miyatora, Yamamatsu, Kawakami, Izumiya, Torazo, Marusei, Maruhiro, Oofuchi, Tomezo, Marudo, Kase, Otsuka, Kaneko.. and a few more..

We will also visit some breeders in the Yamanashi area such as Sakuma, Matsunosuke, and also down to Maruyama.

How to follow: People can follow our progress on our Facebook page –

Additional info: If there are any particular Koi you are after or see we have already purchased please contact us.

Contact: Message us via Facebook –


Springbank Koi

Trip dates: 6th-12th November

Destinations: Our trip will focus on breeders in Yamanashi Prefecture, namely Isawa Nishikigoi Centre, Sakuma and Maruyama.

How to follow: Our trip can be followed on our Facebook page – – and on our YouTube channel –   Please subscribe to both to ensure you get notified of updates.

Contact:  You can contact us via Facebook messenger – – or by email –  We also have a Facebook group alongside our Facebook page – – where you can leave questions.


Yamakoshi NishikigoiYamakoshi Nishikigoi

Trip dates: 3rd to 14th October

Destinations: We will be attending the Dainichi, Momotaro and Sakai auctions, Narita Koi Farm’s store event, and also visiting Isa, Ogata and Taniguchi

How to follow: Follow us via our Facebook page –

Additional info: For anyone interested in bidding through us we will advise and look into their favourite fish

Contact: Contact us using Facebook messenger – – or through our website –


Be sure to check back as more of our advertisers detail their Japan trips over the coming days…….

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