I first Adam Brooks, the then new owner Springbank Koi, and business manager Clayton Morris in Japan in February 2017 when introduced by Mat McCann of Beni Hanna Nishikigoi – https://www.benihannanishikigoi.com.  Mat had in fact worked for the original incarnation of Springbank Koi many years ago.

Around 18 months ago I made my first visit to what was essentially the original premises which Adam and Clayton had given a little refurbishment and business was ongoing with further development plans at the site.  You can read about that visit here – http://nishikigoi.life/2017/03/26/visit-springbank-koi/.

I subsequently met Adam and Clayton again at the 2018 All Japan Show last February when they advised me this had taken a rather dramatic change.  Rather than use the original rented Springbank facility they had decided to relocate to a site located in the city of Salford, Greater Manchester.

On 7th September I visited Clayton at the new site, where he was busy with the ongoing construction, to take a look around.  See more in the video below.


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Subsequent to my visit Springbank Koi have now announced that the new facility will open for business on Saturday 29th September at 10am where there will be special prices on Koi and other products.  Dean Dimarco of Aqua Source Products Ltd – https://aquasourceuk.com – will be at the opening event.  Be sure to follow Springbank Koi on Facebook for more details as the date gets closer – https://www.facebook.com/Springbankkoiandaquatics/.

The map below shows the location of the new premises.


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