The British Koi Keepers Society (BKKS) National Koi Show, or more simply ‘The National’, takes place this coming weekend at the Heart of England Conference and Events  Centre, near Coventry.

BKKS National Koi Show

BKKS National Koi Show

‘The National’ is the largest outdoor Koi show in the UK and will have on display some of the finest Koi collections in the country.

Be sure to visit the Nishikigoi.Life advertisers who will be displaying Koi and dry goods at the show for sale.

  • Aqua Source Products Ltd
  • Quality Nishikigoi (Koi Trips)
  • The Koi Collection
  • Evolution Aqua
  • Kitsu Koi

Other dealers attending include:

  • Denby Koi Ponds
  • Elite Koi
  • Dock Koi
  • JBL GmbH & Co. KG
  • Cuttlebrook Koi Farm
  • Shirley Aquatics
  • Flexible Lining Products
  • Coastal Koi
  • Oase
  • Queni Koi
  • Saki Hikari
  • Yume Koi
  • Kusuri
  • Vyair
  • Bermuda Pumps
  • Sunnybank koi
  • Walcot Koi

Find out more about the show at or on the Facebook page –

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