Takaharu Inoue’s specially selected Koi for the Genki Koi 3rd Annual Breeder Exchange are now available for purchase.  You can find more about the event which takes place on 31st March at Genki Koi’s San Jose, California premises here – http://nishikigoi.life/2018/02/20/genki-koi-3rd-annual-breeder-exchange-31st-march-2018/

Available Koi as below with breeders/dealers description.


Super HQ tosai – Koi id B56-B88 – selected from his tategoi pond by Takaharu Inoue and usually not for sale. All nice pattern with clear sharp tight kiwa. Notable for Shining Star Sanke bloodline from Sakai Fish Farm. Kohaku are also renowned.

These special Beppu select tosai are offered to US hobbyists at a very special price.

7”-9” HQ Tosai – $275ea.
Note – Sanke of Shining Star bloodline.

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Takaharu select vhq Tategoi Jumbo 22”-24” 2sai female. These usual retail around $3.5-4K each.

Very Special Price only for this event, US hobbyists are very lucky.

56-60cm 22”-24” jumbo 2sai Female
Koi B91 $1800 (good clean pattern)
Koi B92 $1800 (strong color, wet ink)
Koi B89 $2000 (strong body/bone)
Koi B90 $2000 (soft skin great pattern)


Anyone wishing to secure any of the Koi should contact Kevin Pham via Facebook messenger – https://www.facebook.com/kevin.pham.3914207

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To see other Koi available as part of the event follow Genki Koi on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/genkikoi/


See a video message from Takaharu Inoue below:

Here we go with Beppu!Sneak peak at some actual Beppu tosai for our 3rd annual Breeders Exchange Event held on Saturday 3/31st @ Genki Koi facility. Inoue san personally handpicked each koi from his tategoi pond so you can be confident in their quality and potential plus high probability for good pattern female. The best part, he’s offering them to you at a very Special Price, imho more than 50% below their actual retail value.This open sale event is open to everyone on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Individual koi photo with pricing will post very soon and 4 sale after. Every koi is with breeder certificate. We are bringing Japan to you so please join and support these 3 breeders. Thank you ?

Posted by Kevin Pham on Friday, 16 March 2018


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