Tani Fish will hold the judgement day event for the Isa Showa breeding contest at the Chiba store on 7th October.

Starting at 10am, Mitsunori Isa will judge the winner of the contest which was launched in April and will see someone win ¥500,000 as first prize.

The images below are just a small number of around 150 tosai Showa that were available for selection back in April when the contest was launched.

In addition to the conclusion of the Isa Breeding Contest there are a number of Koi that are available for sale on day of the event.  All Koi have a fixed price.  Interested parties can place their name against any Koi they wish to purchase.  In the event that more than one person wishes to purchase a Koi then the names will be drawn from a ballot to find the successful person.

The images below are just a small selection of each breeders’ Koi that will be at the event.  Click on any image to see a larger version.

Tani Koi Farm

Oya Koi Farm

Kawakami Koi Farm

Isa Koi Farm

Dainichi Koi Farm

You can see all of the Koi that are available to purchase at the event on the Tani Koi Farm website – http://tanikoi.com/publics/index/147/

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Many Nishikigoi.Life advertisers can assist you with purchasing Koi from the event so please contact them in the first place, alternatively contact Tani Koi Farm for details of someone who can assist you with purchasing.

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