Tony Pitham, Managing Director of Koi Water Barn, will be in Japan from next week, and then later again at the end of October, to purchase new harvest season stocks.

Tony’s first stop will be the Sakai Fish Farm open sale and auction which takes place on 4th and 5th October, an event Tony’s been attending for many years, before heading north to Niigata where his visit will primarily concentrate on visiting Marusei Koi Farm, the largest producer of Koi in Niigata and supplier of jumbo Koi (up to and over 1m+) in many varieties.

You can see more about the auction and open sale here – If there are any Koi you are interested in bidding on then contact Keith Holmes at Koi Water Barn – – to discuss.

Likewise, if there is anything else that you are looking for, either from Sakai Fish Farm or from Marusei Koi Farm do not hesitate to get in contact with ‘the barn’.

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