The annual ZNA Norcal Koi Show will take place on 1st and 2nd April at Wyndham Garden Hotel, 399 Silicon Valley Blvd, San Jose, California.

The following press release provides more information about the show.

Press Release: 2017 ZNA NorCal National Koi Show

April 1 & 2, 2017

The ZNA NorCal National Koi Show is one of the premier shows in America. The ZNA NorCal club will host the 10th annual show at the Wyndham Garden Hotel, 399 Silicon Valley Blvd, San Jose, California from 9:00 AM April 1 and 2. Members from all Bay Area Koi Clubs will assist ZNA NorCal in running the show.

Guests and competitors from across the US and beyond will be bringing their finest koi to compete for Grand Champion and winners in more than two dozen other classes. Judging will be by distinguished international judges coming from Japan, Holland and the UK.

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These gorgeous koi, some as large as 39”, will be housed in more than 35 tanks at the show grounds. The show is great opportunity to enjoy the wonderful Bay Area spring weather while admiring these magnificent creatures and learning more about this interesting hobby.

A number of koi related vendors and non-profits will be on hand to answer your questions, offer advice, provide product samples and special deals. The show and seminars are free to the public. Tickets for the Saturday evening Award Banquet are available at the show for $50.

During the event items donated by our supporters will be auctioned off to help raise funds to defray the cost of the show. This chance to win a bargain is part of the fun of the event.

The main purpose of the show is to advance koi education, a chance to learn about koi improvement, koi keeping, and sharing and enjoying the beauty of the fish. Koi originated from Japan and has developed into the deepest appreciation of Nishikigoi as “living art”.

In addition to appreciation of the beauty, the show advances the ZNA spirit of “Friendship through Koi” as we gather several times each year at shows like this around the World.

The ZNA NorCal show has developed a well deserved reputation for attracting the highest quality koi in the US. It will be a memorable experience for everyone attending. We invite everyone to attend the show for the enjoyment and appreciation of Nishikigoi and experience building new friendships and renewing old.

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For additional information, please visit our website at: or ZNA NorCal FB
Dinh Nguyen, ZNA NorCal

ZNA Norcal Show Poster

ZNA Norcal Show Poster

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