The Dainichi OBKai (Dainichi Old Boys Club) will hold their 2016 event, to include the 6th World Dainichi OBKai Championship, on 12th November at Yamakoshi Branch Office, Nagaoka, Niigata.

As well as the WDC, the event will feature an exhibition and auction of members Koi.

2016 Dainichi OBKai

2016 Dainichi OBKai

Koi that being offered for sale and for entry into the 7th WDC can be found on the Dainichi OB Kai website at

Members of Dainichi OBKai include, of course, Futoshi and Shigeru Mano(Dainichi), Hisato Nogami, Futoshi Maruyama, Takayoshi Omosako and Hisashi Hirasawa (Marudo)

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