The climax of the 11th Kois and Ponds Cup is drawing nearer for participants in the Philippines.

On Saturday 10th September, Kenji Tani of Tani Koi Farm, Japan, and Takashi Omosako, the famed Shiro Utsuri breeder whose farm shares the same name, will judge the Koi which have been available to purchase as tosai since 11th May, with some being grown at Kois and Ponds and others taken home by their owners.

The Koi are judged in 2 classes, jumbo tosai and standard tosai, the owners of the Grand Champion in each standing to win 50,000 or 30,000 Philippine Peso respectively.

All are welcome to attend the event which takes place at Kois and Ponds, Memorial Circle, Quezon City.

For more information visit Kois and Ponds Facebook page –

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