I’ve written quite a bit over the last few years about Sadao Ikarashi at Marusada Koi Farm.  At the beginning on November last year I wrote about him bringing in his tosai, far later than anyone else – http://nishikigoi.life/2015/11/04/a-magical-day-in-the-mountains-of-yamakoshi/.

Clearly it did them no harm as the largest of those tosai are now around 45cm in length.

Every time I pass the Koi house in Mushigame it seems Ikarashi san is sat in there just studying his tosai.  I had hoped to have a chat with him today but when I stopped he wasn’t there, but I took the opportunity to grab some footage of the tosai feeding.

I really hope I can chance to see these Koi closer up before they go to the mud ponds, however Toshikatsu Ikarashi suggests that won’t be until June.  All of the Marusada mud ponds are very deep and as such the water takes longer to warm up so putting them out early sets them back.

As I think you can see from the video there are some really great looking Koi in the pond.  If I don’t see them before they go out to the ponds then I will certainly make a bee line for Marusada when the nisai are harvested in the autumn.

Enjoy the video, please make sure it plays in 720p or 1080p HD for maximum viewing quality.

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