I posted pictures of 21 90bu female Gosanke that will compete for the title of GC at the 2016 All Japan Koi Show earlier – http://nishikigoi.life/2016/01/28/photos-of-20-of-the-90bu-female-gosanke-entered-in-2016-ajks/, here are my personal top 5 Koi at the show from those Koi.


I fell in love at first sight with this Koi last year.  My heart wanted her to win last year whilst my had told me it wouldn’t, although she ran the Sakai Kohaku that took the prize pretty close to the wire in the final ballot.  Since then she, and perhaps even more so Hiroshi Mano at Dainichi Toyata, has been subjected to masses of speculation and pressure.  I was so excited about seeing her this morning and she didn’t disappoint.  Pretty much the first Koi unloaded into the show pools, and certainly the first of the ‘big guns’, and it was though a massive gauntlet was thrown down, a marker in the sand.  Whether deliberate or intentional by Hiroshi Mano it certainly seemed as though a statement was being made, here she is, now show me your best shot at beating her.


Grand Champion at the 2015 Rinyukai All Japan Show, one of the big next Koi to be released, this bred by Sakai Hiroshima but groomed by Ryuki Narita at Narita Koi Farm.  She is a mightily impressive Koi, of that there is no doubt.  Her condition is excellent, as would be expected of Narita’s no1 challenger.  This picture really doesn’t do her justice I’m afraid, a bad job by me.  However some are using a picture posted earlier of her to make comparisons.  That pic is highly ‘photoshopped’, this is a much better representation.  A different body style to the Dainichi Koi, a more traditional 3 step pattern, the beni quality just doesn’t match the Dainichi fish, in my opinion.

These are the 2 Koi which were highly tipped before the show, and for my money they are streets ahead of anything else at the show.

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However, assuming these were to take the top 2 prizes, that leaves 3 best in variety Go Sanke prizes, a 90bu Kokugyo and a 90bu Miyabi prize to be awarded.

Best in variety Kohaku in 2015, don’t be surprised if she takes it again, big and with excellent qualities.  Still a very impressive Koi which remains light years ahead of many others in this size class.  I was surprised she didn’t win Kokugyo last year, quite easily she could take that ahead of the best in variety.


I think this Sanke continues to look great, last year’s best in variety, and Superior Champion in 2014.  She may sneak some votes in the GC ballot if there are Sanke fans around.  I do also rather like Sanke 1036, but I think this will win the battle of the Sanke.


This Kohaku rounds out my top 5, 90cm, she has a very strong and powerful body line to her, kind of reminds me of Felix Denanta’s runner up from a few years back.  Unfortunately the beni isn’t on par with the other Kohaku that have been mentioned.

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Narrowing down to a top 5 trickier this year than many others, there are several ‘big’ Koi that I have left out.  Tomorrow we will find out what the better qualified than I judges feel about the Koi….

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