As I type this I am surrounded by the buzz of dozens of people setting up hundreds of show pools as the stage is being prepared for the 2016 All Japan Koi Show.

The first news to bring you is that a massive 22 Koi are entered into the 90bu female Gosanke classes.

Amongst them many familar and expected Koi, some less so.

It is of course impossible to judge anything from just the show pool pictures, but tomorrow promises to be interesting…..

AD1A7316 AD1A7320 AD1A7321 AD1A7322 AD1A7323 AD1A7324 AD1A7325 AD1A7326 AD1A7327 AD1A7328 AD1A7330 AD1A7331 AD1A7332 AD1A7333 AD1A7335 AD1A7336 AD1A7337 AD1A7338 AD1A7339 AD1A7340 AD1A7341 AD1A7342

Some of these Koi can be seen in our post a few weeks ago –

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Lion Queen is of course absent, something which we kind of heard on the grapevine before today anyway.

Interestingly the Dainichi Kohaku which won the 2015 ZNA All Japan Koi Show is at least entered, word was that it maybe would not be coming.  Will we see a Dainichi Niigata v Dainichi Toyota head to head?

Lots of answers will unfold over the coming days here…..

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