Koicentrum van Keulen of the Netherlands are holding a special grow out contest with Satoshi Tanaka for 2016.

Here are the details of the competition for anyone interested in entering.


‘We managed to get a really special deal at Satoshi Tanaka for an Azukari project. Satoshi Tanaka is a young breeder who works hard to establish his name. The last few years he invested in a new koihouse, new parent koi and this year he will invest in new mudponds. We got the following deal from Satoshi san, we can exclusively offer some of his tategoi with one summer in one of his mudponds to grow and develop. All varieties that Satoshi san has bred in 2015 can be chosen, Kujaku, Kin Showa, Doitsu Kin Showa, Ginrin Hariwake and Shusui. Some of the tosai from this azukari project will be entered in the International Junior Koi Show which is held by the end of April 2016. How can you participate in this azukari project (only for mainland Europe)?

The prices you can choose from are €250,00, €500,00 or €750,00. Prices are excluding possible koi show entry.

The price for 1 season in one Satoshi’s mudponds is €100,00 and are not included in the price of the koi.

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By the end of february we will have good pictures of the tosai from which can be chosen. Will be chosen in order of registation!

After a choice is made every participant will get a purchase agreement and a invoice by email.

In October 2016 we help Satoshi to harvest the koi from the azukari project and we will send every participant an update picture and a video of their koi.

If the breeder agrees you can choose to leave your koi for an extra year in one of his mudponds.

The transport cost of the koi is not included in the buying price of the koi and depends on the size of the koi at the moment it will be transported from Japan to Holland. Normally the cost for transport of a nisai from Satoshi will be between €50,00 and €75,00 per koi. After transport we will quarantine the fish in our special quarantine facillity.

In case the koi died or is severely deformed during the first season in the mudpond, the purchase amount of the koi can be spend on another koi (this guarantee is only for the first mudpond season).

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If you are interested then please register by sending an email to info@koicentrum.nl citing azukari project. Please put in your email with which variety and in which budget you would like to participate.’

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