Earlier today we published the article of Philippine hobbyist Armiel de Torres, ‘The perfect Koi body‘, not new, in fact we published it in Nishikigoi Digest International after Armiel had posted it on his own blog.

Question is, do have an article in you?

Your instant reaction is probably ‘no’, however, give is some more thought and I’m sure that there is something that you could share with fellow Koi fanatics.

For a start, you have a Koi pond, people love to see other people’s ponds.

You have Koi, people love to see other people’s Koi, particularly if you can share details about it, pictures of its development, etc.

Perhaps you’ve been to Japan, or are going to Japan for the first time.  I grew up reading accounts of peoples visits to Japan, be it harvest time, spring time or show time.

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Maybe you’ve just started showing your Koi, whether you have done 1, 2 or more shows this season, over the years, there is surely something you can share with fellow hobbyists about your experiences.

Articles with lots of pictures are great, but if you don’t have your own pictures then it’s quite probable we can illustrate your article with stock images.

So, do you..?  Do you have an article to share?

I hope the answer is yes, and I hope you do so.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your idea for an article.

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