This interview was conducted with Jan Hogendoorn in June 2013

When 2 Koi professionals both independently endorse a relatively little known product and bank so much on it then it’s something that’s worth taking notice of. The professionals in question are Mike Snaden of Yume Koi in the UK and Kim Cloet of Kim’s Koi in Belgium, the product in question is the Netherlands designed and manufactured ProfiDrum, Rotary Drum Filter. You can read both Mike and Kim’s endorsements elsewhere in Nishikigoi Digest International.

Rotary Drum Filters are not a new concept in themselves; they are well established and used in large scale aquaculture. Their introduction into the Koi hobby is somewhat more recent. The concept and its potential benefits for the Koi hobbyist are undeniable, ‘dirty’ water is fed inside a cylindrical drum of ‘micron’ mesh to sieve solid waste matter from it. Such a screen would block relatively quickly if just left as a static sieve however, when the RDF senses the screen is getting blocked. or at a programmed interval, the screen is backwashed with clean water flushing the waste automatically to waste.

At the recent opening of Kim’s Koi’s new premises we caught up with the designer and manufacturer of the ProfiDrum, Jan Hogendoorn. – Jan, the ProfiDrum filter, tell me when it first started as an idea for you?

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Jan – We started the company in 2010 but I’ve been designing drum filters for over 7 years. – where did your first idea for the drum filter come from?

Jan – A friend of mine told me about drum filters but at that time they were very very expensive so I decided to make them a little bit cheaper and introduce them to the Koi market. – What is your background prior to the drum filter, were you an engineer?

Jan – No, my main career was in sales but I’m also a Koi enthusiast and I had a great fantasy.

Jan demostrating the backwash mechanism on a ProfiDrum 65 Eco installed at Kim’s Koi’s new premises.
The high pressure jets wash the 70micron stainless steel mesh screen sending waste down the stainless steel ‘chute’ to waste.


Paid banner advert - put your ad here for just £50 per month – So the first model you produced, that was just for yourself?

Jan – Yes, just for myself, I bought a very old one for €250 which I built on and refreshed, that was my first drum. It worked so well but there were a lot of little faults in it, so I decided to create a better one. – Tell me about the product range now, what models are available?

Jan – We have 2 lines, we have the ‘eco’ line and the ‘stainless steel’ line. The ‘eco’ line consists of 4 models for flow rates from 15000lph to 75000lph and the stainless steel one is starting with flow rates of 35000lph to 100000lph. There’s also a 3rd line but that’s an industry one with 300, 400, 500 and 1000 cubic metres per hour, that’s a huge one, you can walk in that one!

ProfiDrum Eco line

ProfiDrum Eco line models – how many ponds out there are now running ProfiDrum’s do you think?

Jan – I think maybe 150, we have a lot of customers in several countries, England, Mike Snaden, South Africa,  Indonesia, Denmark, Belgium, Holland so all over.

Paid banner advert - put your ad here for just £50 per month – if you were designing the perfect system utilising a ProfiDrum what would it be?

Jan – I think the drum filter with a Bakki Shower and a Flowfriend pump, that’s a good combination, a good marriage between these 3 products. – You mentioned the Flowfriend, is that a pump you get manufactured?

Jan – No, we’re not the manufacturer of these pumps but they are very reliable, they have great flow and require less watts than others to run. – one of the issues with Bakki Showers historically has always been the cost of running a pump that was good enough to pump to the heights required by a Bakki Shower, the Flowfriend is available in how many models?

Jan – There is just one model but it has a power range from 50w to 700w with a flow of 40000lph for only 250w.

Paid banner advert - put your ad here for just £50 per month – so there is just one pump and you change those settings on the pump?

Jan – Yes, you can just control the flow on the pump.

Flowfriend Pump

Flowfriend Pump – if we look at the 2 models you have, the Stainless Steel model and the plastic model, apart from the outer casing they are both identical, is that correct?

Jan – yes, they are the same, the dirt collector and the drum itself are made of stainless steel and the tank is made from Polypropylene or stainless steel 316, an upgrade of 304 grade SS. The thickness of the stainless steel is 3mm.


ProfiDrum 65e

ProfiDrum 65e – for a hobbyist making a choice between the models what are the advantages or disadvantages of one over the over?

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Jan – Well Stainless steel is forever I think, PP will last a long time but stainless steel is always forever. – So what sort of price range are we looking at?

Jan – Prices range from 5500euros up to 10000euros for the hobbyist for the stainless units. – and for the polypropylene?

Jan – between 2000euros and 4000euros for the biggest model.


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You can find more about the ProfiDrum range at – – or on Facebook at –


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