Sunday November 2nd 2008 seems an awful long while ago now.  On the old blog you’ll find a post – Sundays should be for laying in – on which I wrote about attending an ikeage of Hideo Hirasawa who many will know as the young member of staff at Isa Koi Farm.

At the bottom of the above post I mention ‘a stunning little Maruten Kohaku which would surely have fared well at any show!’

Well this picture, courtesy of Steve Gibbins (, was taken of that same little Maruten Kohaku at last weekend’s All Japan Koi Show.

Hideo Hirasawa Doitsu Kohaku - 15bu Sakura Prize 2009 All Japan Koi Show

Sakura prizes are awarded to best non Gosanke in size.  I don’t think it will be long until Hideo’s Koi are more widely available and he’s recognised as a breeder in his own right.

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