Back in December 2007, when I embarked on my ‘Yamakoshi Year’, and launched my ‘old blog’ I had honestly no idea how much interest it would generate, as I’ve said before it was only really ever intended as a diary, both for myself and friends.

Interest in the blog simply grew and grew, in all corners of the world.  It became clear that people were interested in so many aspects of Niigata life, not just Nishikigoi.

I regret that time constraints have meant that I’ve never been able to complete my review of 2008.  I don’t know i’d ever have been able to summarise it in manageable chunks anyway!!

I guess the first time the ‘value’ of the blog, beyond being a simple diary, became apparent was when Wes from Causeway Koi contacted me.  It was his first time to stay in Ojiya and he’d been searching for the New Business Plaza where they were staying.  The only English link he’d found was the blog, and the map on it.  We subsequently met up at a dry goods day held by Miyaishi.  Thereafter I meet Rene of Miyaishi on a regular basis for a beer and just to catch up.

The blog grew to attract people from all over the world, of course the majority with one common interest Nishikigoi, those viewers include Nishikigoi breeders, something of which I’m particularly proud and honoured.

It became apparent that something bigger and better was needed, a more orderly body of information, than just my oft rushed and garbled blog.  That is what I hope will become.

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I would like to thank all those that have taken time to provide feedback, the way the site is built is incredibly flexible.  Things are easily changed and adapted.  Let us know what you’ll like to see.  I realise the look is very different to the old blog which you maybe looked at daily. If there is a feature you miss, let me know.

The next weekend is a big one, not just for, but also for the whole Nishikigoi Industry. If you can’t make it to the All Japan Koi Show this weekend then please visit here.  Coverage starts Thursday evening with a preview of the challengers for the title of Grand Champion!

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